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I've Found a New Baby (1926)

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Origin and Chart Information
“The session’s results are electrifying ... and Christian’s solo blisters with his genius.”

- Chris Tyle

AKAI Found a New Baby
Rank 78
Words and Music Jack Palmer
Spencer Williams

On January 22, 1926, Clarence Williams’ Blue Five introduced “I’ve Found a New Baby.” Eight years later, in 1934, a Mills Brothers recording of the song rose to number nineteen on the pop charts. The song was on the charts again in 1939 as the Harry James Orchestra rendition rose to number fourteen.


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Chart information used by permission from
Joel Whitburn's Pop Memories 1890-1954

Williams and Spencer Williams (no relation) wrote numerous songs together, their best known of which is 1919’s “Royal Garden Blues.”


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“I’ve Found a New Baby” is included in the repertoire of almost every traditional jazz band. It is attractive as an improvisational vehicle, allowing not only the individual musician creative vistas but the group ample opportunity to share solos. The lyrics speak of a happy fellow who has fallen hard for a pretty girl. The jargon is definitely the patter of the 1920’s, “Tells me lies, but she’s wise, naughty eyes, mesmerize I vow, and how, I don’t mean maybe!”

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Henry Martin
Enjoying Jazz
Schirmer Books
Paperback: 302 pages

(Martin devotes three pages to “I’ve Found a New Baby,” including an analysis of the musical content, a list of performers, and a jazz solo transcription.)
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- Jeremy Wilson

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